Saturday, March 04, 2006

4th of March 2006. This is it. I've put my money where my mouth is. Today i purchased my round the world ticket. The main thing i've been pondering for a few weeks now is Delhi as my first stop - shall i go? If so, shall i go on the rather pricey organised tour of the sites; taj mahal, ganges boat trip, jaipur etc. or just turn up and hope to find some like minded people who know where to go and don't mind dragging me with them? Ended up booking the tour - it's only money. I'm going to have to change that attitude if i am going to last the year!

The story up until now, for anyone who doesn't know me but happens to have stumbled upon my meanderings, is this; my name is Adam Page, i am 32, i work as a firefighter in Oxford. A few colleagues have taken advantage of the county councils career break policy over the last 5 years or so, and that's what set me thinking. I also have some good friends from my uni days who have done it and they helped to convince me that i would have a great time. I'm going on my own which on one hand makes it a little more scary, but also could be a good thing; i will have to make my own decisions and make new friends for myself. I fly on 23rd June and will be gone for almost a year if the finances last.

I've been sort of planning for about 3 months at a guess - but now i've bought the ticket, it seems really soon, whereas before it seemed like ages away. I'll need to let out my house - hopefully that won't cause me any problems. I need to sort out my jabs and sort out a lot of other house/car/insurance type stuff. Also need to save as much money as i can between now and then.

I don't suppose i'll be adding too much to this until my travels strart, but as my first 'blog' i thought i'd better have a play with it first so i'll know what i'm doing later. Bye for now.

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