Sunday, August 13, 2006

6th August - 9th August (Internet cafe on Rayley beach)

Okay, so the boat came in to Buddah pier, on the north of Samui. We took a taxi south to Lamai on the east coast - this area is not as lively or touristy as nearby Chawen but my first impressions of Lamai and Samui (from what i saw on the taxi ride) are that it is not as nice as Phangan or Ko Tao, it seems to have been ruined by tourism. Thye cheapest bungalow i could find was 400B and it was one row back from those with the sea view. AS usual, it was quite basic but fine. I share my room with at least 2 adult and 1 baby gecco (cute little lizard that is useful for eating mozzies and bugs). The girls are living next door but they have met up with some friends in a posh hotel so i don't see much of them. I have shaved off my rather impressive 10 day beard!

The weather is changeable - the most annoying thing is that as soon as i lay on the beach there are big gusts of wind and i am covered in sand, so i spend a lot of time walking around the streets instead. There are a lot of uk style bars. Spent an evening with a canadian guy and four german girls, the girls have mopeds and they say that the rest of the island is no better than here - i am planning on getting away as soon as possible.

Each morning i am awoken by what sounds like a half throttled cockerel - thinking of going to finish the job!

The best part of my stay here was a duck platter that i had in an authentic thai roadside restaurant (no frills - looked like a kind of undercover market), 130B and delicious.

Sliced my pinkey on a rock in the sea, bled like mad, i was worried that it would attract sharks so got out quick!

In the evening i went to the lively bar area and was constantly offered massage in a way that suggested something more sinister, quite a seedy area, and no, i didn't accept.

Paid 550B for a journey to Khao Sok national park on the mainland.

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Ro Mark & Elliot said...

Good job you turned down the massage sounds as if your pinkey was already sore!!!